Yoga Nidra:

Gentle Restorative Beginner Class

Learn the true art of relaxation. This gentle restorative class includes a full 30 minute practice of Yoga Nidra, a practice that produces a profound state of relaxation in the mind and body to help shed layers of tension and pain. At a deeper level, Yoga Nidra is also a meditative practice that helps transform the beliefs and feelings that keep us stuck in negative patterns of anxiety and depression. This class begins with gentle movement and restorative postures done sitting or lying on the floor, fully supported by props, with an emphasis on opening to the power of the breath to release chronic tension that so often dulls our overall health and vitality. Mindfully focusing on the sensations that arise as you breathe in the postures, allows you to release thoughts and worries, and become fully present in your body. Finally relaxing into the comfort and ease of the body resting in Yoga Nidra, energy naturally flows to areas of the body most in need of rejuvenation and healing, leaving you balanced and relaxed as you awaken to your true nature.

Yoga Nidra, Online Classes (in the comfort of your own home);
Next Session begins March 29th