Yoga Fusion

Fuse the practices of yoga, breath work, corework, and fascia release by incorporating foam rollers into your practice.  Rollers are a great tool to build core strength, challenge balance, open the body, and release fascia.  Class will include foam roller work integrated with gentle flowing asanas, and breath awareness to maintain centred energy and an open heart.
Students are asked to purchase a 36 inch long high density foam roller, available at Walmart, Canadian Tire, and Amazon.

Online 6 Week Session (with Ashley)
Yoga Fusion:  6 Weds, 5:30-7pm, Jan 13 to Feb 17, $60.00

This January in Yoga Fusion, we will be drawing from a few different influences. Our physical practice will continue to be a combination of strengthening, opening, and fascia release work, always striving to find that balance of full breaths, strong heartbeats, and deep relaxation. In mindfulness and meditation practice, I’ve been reflecting a lot on how to maintain my connection to the calm that my yoga practice brings, even when I am not able to make it to my mat every day…or even every other day. Part of this reflection has been experimenting with different perspectives and exercises taken from “Living Your Yoga” by Judith Lassiter and “Finding Meaning” by David Kessler. These books come from different genres but share a common thread; how to stay connected to calm and live mindfully not only when “the going is good” but also when the going gets tough. I’m excited to share these mindfulness exercises with you at the start of each practice, and as part of our closing meditation.


All Access Pass:  $90 for 6 weeks of unlimited classes.