Yoga Fusion

Fuse the practices of yoga, breath work, corework, and fascia release by incorporating foam rollers into your practice.  Rollers are a great tool to build core strength, challenge balance, open the body, and release fascia.  Class will include foam roller work integrated with gentle flowing asanas, and breath awareness to maintain centred energy and an open heart.
Students are asked to purchase a 36 inch long high density foam roller, available at Walmart, Canadian Tire, and Amazon.

Spring Online Session (with Ashley)
8 Weds, 5:30-7pm, April 7 to May 26, $80
Includes live classes and recordings

In this final yoga fusion session before summer break, our physical practice will follow the classic Yoga Fusion flow, incorporating fascia release, strengthening, and stretching, but with a little added sparkle; each class will be centred around a favorite resource such as a poem, podcast, book, or song that offers inspiration to our physical bodies and reflection to our hearts and minds. I hope you’ll join me for this 8 week session to stretch our limbs and open our lungs for spring!