Yoga Fusion

Fuse the practices of yoga, breath work, corework, and fascia release by incorporating foam rollers into your practice.  Rollers are a great tool to build core strength, challenge balance, open the body, and release fascia.  Class will include foam roller work integrated with gentle flowing asanas, and breath awareness to maintain centred energy and an open heart.
Students are asked to purchase a 36 inch long high density foam roller, available at Walmart, Canadian Tire, and Amazon.

Spring 2022:  In this Yoga Fusion session, Ashley will review some of the Core Concepts for a balanced yoga practice.  Themes will include:  Connecting to the core, pilates and yoga breathing, “hugging” the muscles to the bone, lengthening in opposing directions, etc.

Yoga Fusion with Ashley (Online): CANCELLED
6 Weds, 5:30-7pm (MTN), May 4 – June 8, $60
Classes remain online for now.  Enjoy yoga in the comfort of your own home.  Attend classes live and/or receive weekly recordings.