Ashley Thomson

AshleyAshley has explored lots of different types of physical activity…tai chi, weight lifting, belly-dancing, pilates, swim club…but at the end of the day, everything becomes yoga: to yoke, to connect movement and breath. She took her teacher training level I, II, and III through Trinity Yoga and the Sattva School of Yoga and has taught in Lethbridge and Edmonton. She currently works with older adults as an Occupational Therapist, and is reminded every day how important it is to build a strong, balanced body and mind as we move through the years. She also practices Vipassana meditation, and is a long ways away from meditating two hours a day, but manages to sit in stillness for 20 minutes on her lunch break and has learned that every moment counts.


“I’ve always been drawn to physical activity, because it creates a space where I can stop thinking, just breath, and connect to what’s happening in my body. Yoga showed me how to take a break from thinking and experience the present moment, something so simple but so challenging in our busy world. In terms of the physical practice of yoga, as I get older, I find I need to incorporate more strength-based poses and exercises to keep my body balanced and pain-free. I’m excited to share some unique yoga routines that balance body and mind, and bring together what I’ve learned from the amazing teachers I’ve worked with over the years.”