Spiritual Companioning


“She leans in, eyes alive, body alert

Already she has extended her heart, holds it open,

Holds it towards you, holds your words with tender care.

Do you know how rare that is?”

Held, by Antoinette Voute Roeder
“The Space Between”


A Spiritual Director or Companion is someone who knows how to listen deeply to help support you through both times of joy, and times of difficulty, and all the moments in between.  A spiritual companion does not impose her opinions or beliefs on you.  Rather she points you back to your own inner wisdom and knowing by listening, asking questions, and guiding you in spiritual practices that help heal and deepen all your relationships: to yourself, to each other, and to the Universal Spirit of Love.

Spiritual companioning invites us to be seen and listened to in a way that gives us the courage  to reveal our deepest self:  our doubts, our fears, our joy, our dreams. It offers us a new beginning, ever fresh, ever new, seeing and being seen with eyes of unconditional love that reflects the love of who we truly are.

As a yoga and meditation teacher, Vickie integrates embodied practices of breath, movement, meditation, and prayerful awareness into spiritual companion sessions.  She invites moments of silent reflection, creating space for Spirit to speak, and your own insight to emerge.  Rooted, and ordained in her Christian community, while also immersed in the teachings and practices of Buddhist teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, and yoga philosophy, Vickie feels a deep sense of the sacred in all religions and traditions.  Her inter-spiritual heart will honor whatever spiritual tradition(s) and practices you bring to our time together, as if they were her own.  

Vickie offers Spiritual Companioning in person, by phone, and through zoom online, depending on your own comfort and preference. 

Your first session is free, then together we decide on a reasonable payment for future sessions, based on your life situation.

Email or Call Vickie for an appointment.