Satsang: Singing Into Silence


“Sacred song is an in-breath of holy longing, and an out-breath of devotion. Singing to the God of Love builds a temple, a mosque, a kingdom here on earth.”  Mirabai Starr


Satsang means to come together in community to discover Truth.  The simple act of coming together to sing and chant touches places within us that spoken words cannot.  Singing is a universal language as ancient and natural as language itself.  Singing together dissolves boundaries and opens our hearts to the silent Truth that is beyond words.

Join our Satsang (online), sponsored by Creating Connection BC.

Next Satsang:  Saturday, November 5th, 6:30-8pm, MST

Join Doug and Vickie, as we lead songs and chants from different spiritual traditions, slowly guiding you into the Silence that holds us all.  Participants join via zoom, singing (but muted) in your own space, yet connected through the magic of zoom, and the mystery of our hearts.

Event is free, but please
email us to receive the zoom link.