Healing Path Yoga

kneeclaspIn this gentle restorative class, the meditative principles of mindfulness are woven into both movement and still yoga postures, helping the practitioner connect to the healing power of the breath to find comfort and ease in their bodies, while quieting the busy mind.

The focus is on deep relaxation and the class centers around the practice of Yoga Nidra, a practice that produces a profound state of relaxation in the mind and body to help shed layers of tension and pain.  At a deeper level, Yoga Nidra is also a meditative practice that helps transform the beliefs and feelings that keep us stuck in negative patterns of anxiety and depression. Ongoing research clearly documents the benefits of yoga and meditation for many conditions including arthritis, chronic back pain, cancer, depression, heart disease, MS, fibromyalgia and pain management in general

Healing Path Yoga:  Online Winter 2021
During this time of uncertainty and isolation, come together safely online using the zoom platform, in a supportive group to reduce stress and restore well-being.  Every week we will learn progressive practices that integrate breath, movement and mindfulness to soothe the nervous system and enhance your immune system.  All of these practices make us more resilient, and help reduce the anxiety, stress, and depression of living during these difficult times.  Perhaps this pandemic is an opportunity for all of us to learn and grow in new ways and discover an inner peace we already have.    (Class time is 10am to 11:30am, but we will keep the zoom room open for tea and conversation afterwards.)

Online:  Next Session Begins March 31st