Healing Path I & II

kneeclaspThis gentle class is designed for those with injuries or chronic illness, as well as those who simply want to stay healthy and promote healing on many levels.  These small registered classes allow the teacher to develop a gentle personalized approach to treating the whole person.  In this class, the meditative principles of mindfulness will be woven into gentle yoga postures, helping the practitioner connect to the healing power of the breath to find comfort and ease in their bodies, while quieting the busy mind.

The focus is on deep relaxation and the class centers around the practice of Yoga Nidra, a practice that produces a profound state of relaxation in the mind and body to help shed layers of tension and pain.  At a deeper level, Yoga Nidra is also a meditative practice that helps transform the beliefs and feelings that keep us stuck in negative patterns of anxiety and depression. Ongoing research clearly documents the benefits of yoga and meditation for many conditions including arthritis, chronic back pain, cancer, depression, heart disease, MS, fibromyalgia and pain management in general.

Healing Path I
Learn gentle postures and breathing techniques to help you release tension and pain in your body so you can move with more ease and confidence not only on your mat but in your daily life as well. Learn about new research in the science of pain management so you can understand the relationship between your mind and your body, and the role that your nervous system plays in your feelings of fatigue and pain.  Learn how to be more resilient during stressful and difficult times.   Includes full 30 minute Yoga Nidra to create a profound state of relaxation in the mind and body to help shed layers of tension and pain.

HPI Winter:  8 Tuesdays, 5 to 6:30pm, Jan 21 to March 17, $120
March 17th class cancelled

Healing Path II
Continue the journey of health and healing adding new postures and pranayama (breathing practices) for more strength and resiliency, as well as deepening your experience of relaxation and stillness in the meditative practice of Yoga Nidra.

HPII Winter:  8 Weds, 10 to 11:30am, Jan 22 to March 18, $120
March 18th class cancelled

HPII Spring:  8 Weds, 10 to 11:30am, April 1 to May 27
Postponed Until Later in Spring