Studio Guidelines

For the safety and comfort of all students, please observe the following guidelines:

Parking:  Parking is available on the street in front of the studio (church) as well as in the parking lot across the street at the Seniors Centre.  Please note these are two hour parking zones and you may get a ticket if you stay longer.  There is also currently parking in the vacant lot on the south side of the studio (church).  This is a busy downtown area and occasionally it is difficult to find parking so please make sure you leave lots of time to park and get to the studio.

Arriving and Settling In:
–  Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time to sign-in and settle on to your mats.  For security reasons, the front door will be locked at the start time of the class and a sign will be placed on the door stating that the class has already started.  Please do not knock on the door as it is disturbing to other students and the flow of the class.

  • Please turn off your cell phone before entering the studio.
  • Please take off your shoes and leave them in coat rack area.  Small purses, wallets or keys can be brought into the studio, however please leave larger backpacks or bags in the entry way.  (Door is locked during class for security)
  • If you have any physical constraints or injuries, please let your teacher know before class so they can help you modify postures as needed.  i.e..  recent surgery, cancer treatment, injuries, cardiac issues
  • To help you find comfort or alignment in a posture, a teacher may provide a gentle touch or “hands-on” adjustment.  If you would rather not have a teacher help you in this way, please let him/her know before class.
  • Please enter class quietly, respecting other students who may be meditating or stretching.  Keep conversation to a minimum so you can begin to connect to your own inner space.
  • For hygienic reasons, most students choose to bring their own yoga mat.  If you forget your mat, we do have mats to lend.  Please make sure you clean it afterwards with the mat spray and cloth provided.  All other yoga props are provided, although most students prefer to bring their own blanket for hygienic reasons.
  • Wear comfortable, lightweight, flexible clothing such as shorts, T-Shirts, leggings or work-out wear.  Most important is that you are not constricted by your clothing.
  • We suggest bringing a water bottle to class to ensure you stay well hydrated.  There is a large water cooler downstairs in the kitchen that you are welcome to fill it from.
  • There are two bathrooms downstairs, one with a change room but no showers are available.
  • Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach.  We suggest you not eat for one to two hours before practicing.
  • For the comfort of others, please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne.
  • If you have to leave class early, let your teacher know before class begins and place your mat close to the door so that when you leave quietly, you do not disrupt others.  Try to rest for a few minutes at the end of your practice and leave before the rest of the class comes into savasana.

Every Body is Unique
Yoga is not a “one size fits all” practice.  In fact, it’s meant to be adjusted to each individual’s needs and life situation.  Please find a class or style of yoga that best suits your particular needs and abilities.  Feel free to speak to us about what class might be best for you at this time in your life.  Please let your teacher know of any recent surgery or injuries or anything else that may impact your health and yoga practice, so we can suggest modifications.  Private yoga sessions can be arranged to properly assess your needs, challenges and strengths.

Be compassionate with yourself.  Stay connected to your own inner teacher.  Stop whenever you need to take a break.  Listen to the messages your body is sending you as you practice.  Learn to recognize the difference between sensation and pain.  You should never feel pain when practicing yoga.

Home Practice
Yoga is most beneficial when practiced on a regular basis.  We encourage students to develop a personal practice even if it means only 15 minutes a day.  Chances are, that 15 minutes will soon turn into 30 minutes.  Working with a qualified teacher in a yoga class is meant to inspire the discipline of personal practice.  It also provides you with important personal feedback about posture, alignment, sequencing, breath and yoga philosophy which you can integrate with your personal practice.

Tell Us What You Think

This is your studio.  We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.  Please feel free to email us if you have any thoughts or concerns.

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